Things not allowed in Qatar

Qatar is one of those countries where the past and the present are intertwined. While you can enjoy architectural masterpieces and impressive skyscrapers, you can also see old and antique buildings
Souk and you will recognize the simple Qatari way of life. If you are planning to visit Qatar, this article will give you an overview of Qatar and Qatari people.

• Dress: Qatar has a conservative Islamic society, so whether you are a man or a woman, it is better to dress modestly in public places such as markets, shopping malls, etc. Women are not expected to cover their hair in public, but are expected to do so when visiting mosques.
• Alcohol: Alcohol is not permitted in public places and alcoholic beverages are not allowed through the airport. However, you are allowed to drink alcohol at home or in hotels. Getting drunk in public and disturbing others is punishable by law.
• Drugs: Qatar does not allow the use of many potentially addictive drugs and over-the-counter antibiotics.
• Greet others: Qatari people greet people of the same sex by shaking hands, while greeting the opposite sex without touching them.
• Shoes: You must take off your shoes when entering a Qatar mosque or living room (majlis).
• Photographing: Avoid photographing military installations and others without their permission