Jose Mourinho :🗣️ “My success has always been based on having African strikers.

Jose Mourinho :🗣️ “My success has always been based on having African strikers. Without African strikers I feel I will not succeed. My belief in African strikers started with Benny McCarthy at FC Porto where he scored more than 20 league goals to help me and FC Porto won the Portuguese league title. In the same season he scored a very important goal for me in the UEFA Champions League which helped publicize our career in Europe by winning my first Champions League as a coach.”

“From Portugal to Chelsea in England, I found Didier Drogba. He was a great African weapon to win the Premier League with me. I wanted Benny McCarthy to come in to support Didier Drogba up front, but at the time he was at Blackburn Rovers and he was the only killer there. So they refused to give us Benny McCarthy, even though I had made an offer.

“From Chelsea to Inter Milan, that’s where I really wanted to win the UEFA Champions League. But I only had two midfielders from Ghana and it wasn’t enough for me to win the Champions League because I just dominated the league. So I sat down and thought a lot about having another African striker. I approached FC Barcelona and they were willing to sell me the best signing of my career, Samuel E’tu, and in the same season I won the Champions League with Eto’o.

“From Inter Milan to Real Madrid. I had all the talent there at Real Madrid but I didn’t win the Champions League because I didn’t have an African striker. I tried Emmanuel Adebayor but it was on loan so bet Madrid don’t like loan players.”

“Brazil have great strikers, but if you look at them they are from Africa. I always teach new coaches at my coaching facility that you should always have African strikers in your team.”

“The perfect example at Manchester United, they don’t really believe in African strikers, no wonder I didn’t have much success there. A few strokes will get you the league title, but the African striker will get you the league title