Emiliano Martinez stats for Argentina:

🇦🇷Emiliano Martinez stats for Argentina:
▫️26 Games🎫
▫️20 Wins✅
▫️5 Draws🤝
▫️1 Loss❌
▫️3/3 Penalty Shoot-outs won🥅[6 Penalties Saved🧤]

🔸Iconic World Cup Final save🔝

1 CONMEBOL Copa-America🏆
1 CONMEBOL-UEFA Cup of Champions🏆
1 FiFA World Cup🏆

1x CONMEBOL Copa-America Golden Glove🏅
1x FiFA World Cup Golden Glove🏅

1x CONMEBOL Copa America Team of The Tournament🎖️
1x FiFA World Cup Team of The Tournament🎖️

– One of the GREATEST International Goalkeeper of all time 🇦🇷