Chelsea star ‘likes’ petition calls for Anthony Taylor to be banned

Chelsea star ‘likes’ petition calls for Anthony Taylor to be banned

Chelsea left-back Marcos Alonso has welcomed a petition calling for referee Anthony Taylor to be banned from playing.

Taylor was the man in the center of Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool on Saturday at Anfield, and controversially sent Reese James off at the end of the first half.

James blocked Sadio Mane’s hand with his, and although the foul was not initially sanctioned, Taylor went to the VAR screen and decided that the right-back should be denied.

Mo Salah equalized and the booty was distributed on Merseyside.

But Chelsea fans were outraged by the decision, and a staggering 70,000 fans signed a petition demanding Taylor not be put on trial for long because they believed he had “strong plans” against them.

“Clearly this man has a strong agenda against Chelsea FC as an institution,” the petition reads. “For example, he sent players for no reason and threatened our result.

“We strongly believe that this should be investigated and that Anthony should be banned from the Chelsea game.”

Alonso, who took part in the draw, liked the post from the fan account announcing the petition – it became clear he wasn’t entirely happy with the appeal.

Manager Thomas Tuchel thought the VAR check based on one image was too soon – and he said Taylor didn’t make the right decision with it.

“I don’t know what happened and what didn’t happen again. We were a little worried he just saw the picture and the picture clearly shows that it was a red card and a penalty,” Tuhel told Sky Sports after the game. game.

“It was too soon for me, I wanted a longer examination and see the whole situation where it diverged.

“I remember the judges telling us there was no penalty if it was a deviation and it wasn’t a very unnatural hand position.”