1) Argentina ( World cup winner) started the tournament with a loss to a lowly-rated team but ended the tournament by defeating the defending champion.

Note: it is not how you start that matters but how you end.

2) Lionel Scaloni (The Argentine coach) changed and adapted his game strategy to the strength of his team and the weakness of the opponent. He kept improving, evolving new and better strategies to prosecute each match.

Note: Life is not fixed, keep learning, keep improving, keep evolving, Never allow your enemies/competitors to find you out.

3) Some top soccer nations such as Belgium, Germany, Spain & Brazil etc were knocked out at the earlier stages while Morocco ( An african nation) had a thrilling and impressive run to the semi-final.

Note: Don’t live on past glory and prestige. No matter the level you have attained in life, Always be at your cutting edge, else you may lose your place & relevance.

4) CR7, no doubt, a great player but selfish & proud, granted an interview some days before the world cup indicting his club( Man Utd) & coach, this led to the club terminating his contract, The motive and timing of the interview were totally wrong. He always seek individual glory and accolade at the expense of the team. Even in the tournament, he was seen to be disgruntled with his coach’s decisions and tactics.

Note: A tree cannot make a forest, You will always be at the mercy of your coach and team members. Any ambition to be greater than the team will turn even an angel to demon.

5) Emiliano Martinez( the Argentine keeper ) conceded 8 goals in this tournament but still ended as the best goal keeper because in crucial and tension soaked moments, he made several saves either during matches or penalty kicks. His saves decided most of the matches.

Note: As a team player, you cannot afford to give less during the crucial and tension soaked moment.You are in that team for such moments. Stars and mega stars are made during those nervy moment

6) Luis Enrique( the Spanish coach) bragged and boasted during post-match interview against Morroco that his players have been practising 1000 penalties in case the game came down to penalty kicks, Lo- and- behold, the Spanish players did not score a single penalty out of the 3 they played against Morocco

Note: Pride goes before a fall. Tread softly because some ground could be slippery.

7) The final match had a lot of drama, twists and turns, emotional roller coaster & nail-biting moments, I was practically on the edge of my chair praying that God will have mercy on Messi.
Looking critically at the Argentine team, I feel God was just on their side and He decided to favor them with the trophy albeit they worked hard & gave it their best

Note: This life is spiritual, After all the sensual and physical exertion, we must leverage the spiritual to attain our highest ideal.

8)Qatar, a non-footballing nation lobbied & prevailed on FIFA to be granted the right to host the world cup amidst obvious climatic, religious & footballing biases & disadvantages. Now, all that are history, they did not only give us the best world cup, they also gave us the latest innovation and invention in world cups. FIFA had to change it’s own time table to suit that of Qatar.

Note: Impossibility doesn’t really exist, it only exist in the mind. Set yourself ablaze and the world will watch you burn.

9) The Argentina FA deliberately lodged their players in a moderate hotel compared to other national teams, bearing in mind that Qatar had exotic and luxurious hotels. The mentality of the entire team was that of a soldier on the war front, so no need for too much comfort, I think this paid off immensely. USA team was lodged in the most expensive hotel but did not go past the group stages.

Note: In order to get the ultimate prize in life, you must pay the price. Success has a price tag.

10) Lionel Messi, after several failed attempts in finals (copa America and world cup) earlier in his career, broke the jinx and snatched

victory from the jaws of defeat, He won copa America last year after the 4th attempt as well as (Conmebol-UEFA) trophy. He has now won the FIFA world cup after 2nd attempt. 2021 & 2022 are Messi’s best years in the national team. what a way to end a glorious & illustrious career with the Argentine team.

Note: Don’t quit until you win. Your last chance may be your moment of victory, destiny & lasting legacy.